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Readers' Choice Awards

2014 Readers' Choice Awards: HVAC

Help us get first for HVAC and Plumbing categories in the 2014 Union Leader Readers' Choice Awards. You do not need to fill in all categories (12 are suggested) and you do not need to be a Union Leader customer. You can submit your vote at https://www.surveymonkey.com

HVAC - Emergency Service

HVAC and Plumbing emergency service

A.J. LeBlanc Heating has just launched it's emergency service contact form. If you require HVAC or Plumbing emergency service just visit our website and click on the red emergency service button located at the top. The emergency service button is the quickest way our customers can get emergency service, there is no hold time, the messages are dispatched to our on-call technicians. The emergency service button will only appear when we are in our "On-call Hours", otherwise you will see a message stating our service status is "Standard" and you can use our normal contact form. Please note that this button and almost all of our websites content is formatted for your mobile device.

Snow Storm | CO Warning

Direct vent blockage

A.J. LeBlanc Heating would like to remind all homeowners to clear all outside vents of snow and debris.This is especially important for direct vented HVAC and plumbing equipment. A blockage of these vents could result in undesirable system operation or even carbon monoxide build up within your home. For your safety we strongly recommend that you take the time to clear all venting systems on the exterior of your home.