AC Service and Repair

Air Conditioner Service and Repair

A.J. LeBlanc Heating provides award-winning air conditioning and heat pump service. Our knowledgeable service professionals can fix the most stubborn air conditioner or heat pump issues, all while offering the highest level of customer service. A.J. LeBlanc Heating does not have commissioned technicians, so they will never sell you something you do not need. If you are experiencing air conditioner issues or heat pump issues, we suggest that you shut it down and call us immediately. Our experienced HVAC technicians will solve your air conditioner problems or heat pump problems quickly, which means you will save drastically on labor costs. If you require emergency air conditioner or heat pump service, you can contact our on-call technician at 603-623-0412.

Air Conditioner Maintenance & Heat Pump Maintenance

A.J. LeBlanc Heating's service technicians are licensed HVAC professionals. Our HVAC technicians are proficient in the maintenance of all residential heat pumps and air conditioners. In order to ensure efficient operation, we recommend that homeowners have their central air conditioners, heat pumps or ductless heat pumps cleaned at least once per year. Regular air conditioner cleanings and heat pump cleanings increase operating efficiency and reduce the risk of a more costly air conditioner service call or heat pump service call. Heat pump maintenance and Air conditioning maintenance must be scheduled on a day when the outdoor temperature is at least 70 degrees, which allows our technicians to gather accurate refrigerant pressures.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Routines & Heat Pump Maintenance Routines

  • Replace or clean air filter. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Clean out condensate line and or overflow drain, cycle condensate pump if needed. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Clean and inspect condenser coils. Remove leaves, rodents, and debris.
  • Inspect evaporator coil. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Inspect blower assembly. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check all electrical components and electrical connections. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check all safety sensors and switches. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check all capacitors. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check amp draw or the compressor and condenser fan. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Adjust dampers. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Shut off humidifier water line and close bypass damper. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check return air, supply air and wet bulb temperatures. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check static pressures. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check outdoor ambient temperature. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check condenser discharge temperature. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check refrigeration suction line temperature and pressure. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check refrigeration liquid line temperature and pressure. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Check for adequate refrigerant levels. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Preform a safety inspection. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)

Common Air Conditioner Issues & Heat Pump Issues

  • Tripped breaker. (Please verify before you call us)
  • Dead thermostat batteries. (Please verify before you call us)
  • Failed or tripped safety switch. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Failed or clogged condensate pump. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Failed blower motor. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Failed compressor. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Failed condenser fan motor. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Improper or shorted system control wiring. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Improper refrigerant pressures and temperatures. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Bad capacitor. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Rodent nesting. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Refrigerant leak. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Cracked or rusted evaporator coil drain pan. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)
  • Frozen evaporator coil or condenser coil. (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners)

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