Water Heater Maintenance & Service

Water Heater Service and Repair

A.J. LeBlanc Heating provides award winning water heater service. Our knowledgeable service professionals can fix the most stubborn water heater issues all while offering the highest level of customer service. A.J. LeBlanc Heating does not have commissioned technicians so they will never sell you something you do not need. If you are experiencing water heater issues we suggest that you shut it down and call us immediately. Our experienced HVAC technicians will solve your water heater problems quickly which means you will save drastically on labor costs. If you require emergency water heater service you can contact our on-call technician at 603-623-0412.

Water Heater Maintenance, Cleanings & Tune-ups

A.J. LeBlanc Heating's service technicians are licensed HVAC professionals. Our HVAC technicians are proficient in the maintenance of all residential hot water tanks and tankless on-demand water heaters. In order to ensure efficient operation we recommend that homeowners have their oil water heaters or gas water heaters cleaned at least once per year. Regular water heater cleanings increase operating efficiency and reduce the risk of a more costly water heater service call.

Water Heater Maintenance Routine

  • Check all water heater electrical components and electrical connections. (All Water Heaters)
  • Clean water heater burner. (Oil Water Heater)
  • Check for system water leaks. (All Water Heaters)
  • Check for system gas leaks. (Gas Water Heaters)
  • Preform a safety inspection of your water heater, vent pipe, power venter and draft assembly.

Common Water Heater Issues

  • Burnt elements.
  • Failed expansion tank.
  • Failed burner.
  • Leaking hot water tank.
  • Leaking valves.
  • Improper electrical configuration.

A.J. LeBlanc Plumbing's Water Heater Installations

Our Water Heater Installations

On-demand Hot Water

Navien water heater service and repair

Traditional Water Heater

Hot water tank service and repair

Boiler Indirect

Indirect water heater service and repair

Hybrid Water Heater

Heat pump water heater service and repair

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