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LeBlanc HVAC, Plumbing & Electric | Did You Know (Spring) | The Summer Blockbuster

Did You Know (Spring) | The Summer Blockbuster

Radio Commercials

  1. We have the Hollywood “summer blockbuster” to thank for air conditioning becoming so popular. Theaters were some of the earliest adopters of air conditioning. In the summer months, everyone would flock into the cool buildings to escape the heat, so studios started releasing their best movies then to meet demand!
  2. Technically, air conditioners do not “cool”. They remove the heat from air, transfer it to refrigerant, and pump the heat outside.
  3. The Department of Defense spends more on air conditioning in Iraq than the entire yearly budget of NASA!
  4. Some scientific studies say that the longer we spend in cool, air-conditioned environments, the less tolerant we become to heat! So turn it up a couple of degrees and save some money!