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Generator Education

Generac power management system

Every generator installation is unique. Local laws, load requirements, available fuels, and design implications all play a role in generator sizing and location. A.J. LeBlanc Heating sizes our standby generators based on the needs of the homeowner. Not all homeowners require a generator that can run every light and appliance during the few instances where power is lost.

Many electrical contractors will insist that you purchase a standby generator which is rated for your home's total electrical load, but doing so could be a costly endeavor. Large generators have a higher upfront cost and an even more substantial long-term cost. Large generators demand more expensive devices and wire which can manage the larger loads. Large generators also require more fuel - a lot more fuel. A 25 kW generator can use 5 gallons of propane an hour; at $3.00 a gallon a large generator is costing 15 dollars an hour or 360 dollars a day! Keep in mind that standby generators run a test cycle every 2 weeks further adding to the consumption of fuel.

The convenience of a whole house or standby generator can be achieved on a budget; the reality is most people do not require everything in their home to be running simultaneously. A.J. LeBlanc Heating has successfully been installing 11 kW whole house generators which will power pretty much everything you need. Perhaps you cannot run your oven and your dryer at the same time with an 11 kW but it is important to remember most power outages are temporary scenarios. A power conscious homeowners will never encounter a scenario that exceeds the output of an 11 kW generator. To ensure the generator is never overworked A.J. LeBlanc Heating installs power management modules which allow the generator to energize the entire house and drop out any large loads which are over working the generator. Large loads will be automatically dropped out and restored by the generators power management system. An 11 kW generator will consume less fuel and will provide power longer on the same fuel storage capacity. That being said an 11 kW will not work for everyone and we are willing and able to install larger generators.