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LeBlanc HVAC, Plumbing & Electric | Major advances for hot water heating!

Major advances for hot water heating!

state hot water tankI love the comeback to the above title, why do you need to heat hot water?

All kidding aside; necessity is the mother of invention. Hot water tank manufacturers have made major advances for heating domestic water. Many have heard of or purchased on-demand water heaters, but for those who didn’t have natural gas or propane in their home,  there were limited options, until now.

LeBlanc Heating is now offering State hybrid water heaters that operate 235% more efficient than a conventional electric tank, and will also cost less to operate than conventional gas and oil heaters. We’ve been watching these for a few years now and have chosen State Manufacturers since they are a great American company with a long history.  No vent pipe or fuel lines are needed, no CO emissions. I’ve purchased one for my home so I can cut my oil usage. Retail cost will be higher than a conventional electric tank but probably less then an oil hot water tank, some gas tanks & on-demand water heaters. State also has gas heaters that operate at 97% efficiency without having any gas piping changes which is a major cost issue with on-demand water heaters. Call us if you would like more information. As you can see, we have many options for hot water tank replacements.