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LeBlanc HVAC, Plumbing & Electric | Maximizing Your Boiler's Efficiency

Maximizing Your Boiler's Efficiency

High-Efficiency Variable Speed Circulator

The right circulator needs to do more than just move water. LeBlanc Heating uses the new Taco Bumble Bee which is designed to be the "right" circulator for efficient hydronic heating. The Bumble Bee's high efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85% less electricity than a standard circulator. Most importantly, the Bumble Bee's Delta-T variable speed technology maximizes the overall efficiency of your heating system. The Bumble Bee is engineered for energy savings, although a Bumble Bee circulator has a significant cost increase over a non variable circulator its lifetime savings will far surpass initial cost.

Superior Hydronic Design 

LeBlanc Heating prides itself in superior hydronic design. Our technicians are highly qualified in our field and can ensure that our customers are getting the most from their new hydronic system. When installing a new boiler system LeBlanc Heating unless otherwise stated includes replacement of key components including circulator pumps, zone valves and sensors. Replacement of these components increases the systems lifespan and deceases costly future service calls. Where other companies cut corners to drive up profitability LeBlanc Heating is constantly trying  to decrease cost through efficient labor rather than decreasing our product functionality. This proves once again that "NO ONE ELSE CAN QUITE COMPARE TO A.J. LEBLANC HEATING AND AIR!"