Protecting Against Frozen Pipes

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During prolonged freezing weather, using a pellet stove or wood stove can have dangerous consequences. These stoves can trick thermostats into thinking your home is warmer than it is and cause your heating systems to stay inactive. To protect boiler pipes from cold weather, it is important not to use wood stoves or pellet stoves. Without adequate heat and water flow, boiler pipes located in corners and near exterior walls may freeze, leading to a range of costly issues that are best avoided.

Prevention is key when it comes to boiler issues and safeguarding against frozen pipes. You should ensure that your boiler is kept running during extreme weather events to regularly circulate the water and maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. If you are aware of areas which are at risk of freezing, putting antifreeze in your boiler might be a good option.

When faced with a sudden emergency involving frozen, burst, or broken pipes in your home, it is always best to take quick action by first shutting off the main water supply. If boiler or hydronic heating systems are in use, then these must also be shut off or the specific zones which are leaking. In many cases, the water source is coming from plumbing pipes, boiler pipes, baseboards, or heating coils. It is important to identify the source and turn off that particular zone in order to stop the leak and restore the water supply to the rest of your home. A.J. LeBlanc Heating can provide comprehensive and timely assistance in such emergencies. Our technicians can give instructions on shutting off the water while on their way to your home.

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