The Different Types of Mini Split Air Handlers: An In-Depth Guide

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Air conditioning systems have come a long way from the traditional bulky window units. Mini split systems, also known as ductless systems, are a prime example of this evolution. They are efficient, sleek, and adapt well to various architectural needs. As with many modern cooling and heating systems, mini splits offer a range of design and installation options. At A.J. LeBlanc Heating, we pride ourselves on installing all major mini split brands, including giants like Mitsubishi, LG, and Daikin. Let's delve into the different types of mini split air handlers available in the market:

1. Wall-Mounted Air Handlers

Appearance: These units are sleek and are designed to be mounted high on a wall.


  • Most common and typically the easiest to install.
  • Ideal for retrofit additions to homes.
  • Available in various designs and colors to match the interior d├ęcor.


  • Might not be suitable for rooms with limited wall space or where aesthetics is a major concern.

2. Floor Mounted Air Handlers

Appearance: These resemble small radiators and are installed at the base of a wall.


  • Perfect for rooms with limited wall space or rooms with lots of windows.
  • They can be recessed into the wall, making them less obtrusive.


  • They consume floor space, which might be undesirable for some homeowners.

3. Ceiling-Cassette Air Handlers

Appearance: These are installed flush with the ceiling, with only the grille showing.


  • They distribute air evenly in four directions.
  • Suitable for large open spaces like commercial settings or spacious living rooms.
  • They are almost invisible, with only a slim part showing on the ceiling.


  • The installation process is more complex.
  • Ceiling space is needed, which might not be available in every home.

4. Concealed or Ducted Air Handlers

Appearance: These are hidden in the ceiling or behind walls, with only the ductwork and vents visible.


  • Offers the most discreet appearance since the unit is entirely hidden.
  • Can cool multiple rooms if combined with a small network of ducts.


  • Installation is more invasive, requiring ceiling or wall work.
  • Maintenance might require access to the concealed unit.

The Flexibility of Mini Split Systems: Harmonizing Multiple Air Handlers

A noteworthy advantage of mini split systems is their unparalleled flexibility in design and application. Unlike traditional systems that bind you to a one-size-fits-all approach, mini splits allow homeowners to mix and match different types of air handlers based on specific room requirements. This means you can have a wall-mounted handler in the living room, a ceiling-cassette in the spacious dining area, and a floor-mounted unit in the sunroom, all connected to a single outdoor condenser.

This integration is not just an aesthetic advantage but also a functional one. It allows for zoned cooling and heating, which means you can control the temperature of each room independently, leading to improved energy efficiency and comfort. This is especially beneficial for homes with varying architectural designs or unique cooling and heating demands in different spaces. For instance, a sun-soaked room might need more cooling power during the day than a shaded bedroom, and with mini splits, you can calibrate the settings precisely.

Moreover, the ability to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor condenser minimizes external disruptions, preserving the beauty of your home's exterior. It's a perfect blend of functionality and design, tailor-made for modern living. With A.J. LeBlanc Heating at the helm, seamlessly integrating these units becomes an art, ensuring your home enjoys consistent comfort across all corners.

Choosing the Right One for You:

The right air handler largely depends on your specific needs and the architectural constraints of your home. While the wall-mounted units are versatile and fit most settings, a concealed or ducted system may better serve homeowners who want a completely seamless look. Floor-mounted units are perfect for spaces like sunrooms where wall space might be at a premium. For larger open spaces, the ceiling-cassette units are hard to beat.

A.J. LeBlanc Heating, with its vast experience in installing all major mini split brands, is well-equipped to guide you through the selection process. Whether it's the high-performing Mitsubishi units, the stylish LG systems, or the reliable Daikin models, we ensure a seamless integration into your home's design, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetic appeal.

The world of mini split air handlers is diverse and offers solutions tailored for every home. With the right choice, you can enjoy efficient cooling and heating without compromising on style.

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