Heat Pump Not Working? Check for Snow Buildup

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Living in New Hampshire means dealing with cold, snowy winters. While heat pumps are designed to run all year round, they can be increasingly affected when there's snow on the ground. If your heat pump isn't performing properly, or you notice it's not generating heat, it may be because of snow buildup on top of the heat pump. Snow accumulation can slow heat pumps down drastically, so a surefire way to get yours running again is to check for any high-piled snow sitting atop your heat pump. Typically, heat pumps will clear themselves via defrost mode. In defrost mode, the outdoor unit will temporarily switch to air conditioning mode to thaw the snow. However, if your heat pump wasn't running during the snowstorm, then it won't automatically thaw. So make sure to take a few moments and check if any of that New Hampshire snow has built up on top of your heat pump!

What NOT to do to your heat pump!

  • Do not use a shovel or any hard tools to clean your heat pump.
  • Do not clean the sides of the unit, this could cause damage to the heat pump's condenser coil.
  • Do not cover your heat pump, unless the covering is above the minimum discharge clearance. (Often 5 ft (1.52 m) or more, and open on all sides)

How to properly clean snow from your heat pump.

  • Shut off your heat pump before cleaning it.
  • Use a broom or snow brush to gently clear the top.
  • Shovel any snow on the ground which may be covering the sides. Pay close attention not to hit the sides of the heat pump.
Heat pump covered in snow Heat pump snow clearing

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