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Federal R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out

R-22 Freon

LeBlanc Heating & Air Conditioning is notifying its customers that due to federal regulations, air conditioning manufacturers will no longer be allowed to use R-22 refrigerant in residential air conditioners and heat pumps produced after December 31, 2009.

Here’s why that may be important to you.

R-22 has been the primary refrigerant used by the air conditioning industry since the 1960’s. Most home air conditioners and heat pumps use R-22—including yours.

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The most expensive batteries you ever bought.

Believe it or not some HVAC companies charge a one hour service fee upwards of a 100 dollars to replace your batteries!  One of the largest contributors to no heat calls is dead thermostat batteries. More often than not homeowners call HVAC companies with no heat calls and a technician is sent out only to find that the thermostats batteries are dead. Thankfully your a LeBlanc Heating customer and you have resources to teach you how to change those batteries for FREE! 

Bonding CSST Piping: It's The Law.

For those of our customers who have natural or LP gas to supply an appliance in their home, we want to inform you of a new code relating to its piping. In the past, gas piping has been installed using steel pipe. This is a hard pipe which has to be threaded to make connections. During the past two decades, some manufacturers have been selling flexible gas piping named CSST piping. That’s short for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing.

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Power Outages, Generators, and Basement Floods

LeBlanc Heating responds to hundreds of emergency service calls every year, but the past couple of years have been different.  Lately it seems that there have been more problems and certainly a lot more wide spread. It also seems every year we are hit with some type of storm that causes the power to go out for days, floods, pipes freezing, electrical surges, etc.

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