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Customer Financing

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Available Financing Options

LeBlanc Heating understands that HVAC installations can be unexpected expenses and can often place a burden on budgets. We do our best to assist our customers in finding the best financing options available to them. We work primarily with Wells Fargo when financing a job.

Short-term 0% Financing

Through a Wells Fargo partnership LeBlanc Heating & Air Conditioning offers 0% financing. There are both 6 month and 12 month options. This option is ideal for customers who can pay the entire loan amount off within the 0% APR term. Customers looking to extend their financing beyond the maximum 12 month term should look into our long-term financing options. Long-term financing will assist the customer in avoiding high percentage rates which are initiated once the promotional term is over. Note the tool to the right will not work with 0% rates.

Long-term Financing

LeBlanc Heating & A/C is in the process of teaming up with local banks to offer our customers long-term loans with reasonable interest rates. For now customers should contact their current bank for approval. Once you have received approval you can use the tool to the left to calculate monthly payments and total repayment.