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Central Air Conditioner Sizing

Properly sizing your homes central air conditioner is crucial to your overall comfort. A/C sizing is commonly measured in tons. A ton of refrigeration is approximately equal to the cooling power of one short ton (2000 pounds) of ice melting in a 24-hour period. An A/C ton can also be converted into BTU’s (British Thermal Units). 1 Ton of cooling is equal to 12,000 BTU’s per hour. Residential air conditioners are typically sized between 1.5 and 5 tons.

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Breaking The Bank: R-22 Phase Out

R-22 Freon

With the arrival of scorching summer days, some homeowners will get a shock when they see the bill to recharge their old air conditioner. The refrigerant that powers their central cooling system, known as R-22, has become a rare and valuable commodity. The price of R-22 has skyrocketed so much that homeowners are stuck with a two costly decisions, repair or replace.

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Did You Know (Spring) | The Summer Blockbuster

Radio Commercials

We have the Hollywood “summer blockbuster” to thank for air conditioning becoming so popular. Theaters were some of the earliest adopters of air conditioning. In the summer months, everyone would flock into the cool buildings to escape the heat, so studios started releasing their best movies then to meet demand!

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