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Generac Sled Team

When the snow comes you need to get creative when moving heavy equipment around. Watch our electricians turn an ordinary pallet into a sled for this Generac generator installation. Call us today at 603-623-0412 for a free generator estimate.

Generac Stator Repair

Generator Education

Generac power management system

Every generator installation is unique. Local laws, load requirements, available fuels, and design implications all play a role in generator sizing and location. A.J. LeBlanc Heating sizes our standby generators based on the needs of the homeowner. Not all homeowners require a generator that can run every light and appliance during the few instances where power is lost.

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Generator Warning

Portable Generator Warning

A.J. LeBlanc Heating would like to warn our customers (Specifically our customers whom own a Fujitsu, Mitsubishi or Navien) of the risk associated with portable power supplies (Generators). Many of today’s HVAC systems and appliances have sensitive electronic controls that are vulnerable to the fluctuations and "dirty" power supplied by a typical portable generator.

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Generator Installation: Chester New Hampshire

LeBlanc Heating's electricians & gas fitters just completed a natural gas Generac generator installation. We believed this 8kW generator to be a great success and we hope that this Chester NH homeowner is happy with their new Generac standby generator installation. LeBlanc Heating installs generators the correct way, we don't cut corners to yield greater profit. When a homeowner purchases a LeBlanc installed standby generator they can expect the following...

  • A custom concrete pad
  • Professional electrical installation
  • Professional gas piping installation
  • Both electrical and gas permits