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Air Duct Debris

Dirty Ductwork

Our last blog post talked about air flow restrictions and the importance of changing your air filters. Ductwork debris can also cause air flow restrictions. LeBlanc technician Kyle D. discovered all these forgotten items while installing a furnace in Milford, NH 03055. A.J. LeBlanc Heating does not currently clean ductwork but we can certainly offer referrals to those in need of a good duct cleaning.

Air flow restrictions?

Dirty Air FilterAir Filter With Dog Hair

So you didn't think changing your air filter was important... Not only does a bad air filter result in poor air quality it can eventually cause restrictions to air flow. The filter above is covered in pet hair, human hair, dust and many other indoor contaminants. Air flow restrictions can result in poor efficiency and premature equipment failure. Changing your filter is a simple task and it could save you from costly service calls.

Ouch! Avoiding Nuisance Static Charges

Static or electrostatic charges occur every day. Almost everyone has been shocked by static charges and many have witnessed nature's lightning storms, which are magnificent displays of the power behind static electricity. So what is an electrostatic charge? An electrostatic charge is an electrical charge which is built up on an insulator or a material which is non-conductive.

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